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A Melbourne Professional, Just What We Need

People don’t understand what it’s like, trying to write for a soap opera. I’ve been o the forums, I’ve weathered in indirect abuse as I see people criticising me and the team. I know they think it’s just a matter of us drawing ideas out of a hat and writing it into a script…but they’re wrong. We pour our souls into ‘Week of Our Lives’, each and every week. Otherwise you wouldn’t be getting such intricate plots, filled with well-thought-out twists and turns, overloaded with poignant character moments!

And while I’m on the subject, we’re really puzzling over how we’re going to save Veronica from both the pit of rabid lemurs and the crippling case of scurvy she got when she was trapped on the zombie pirate ship. Christmas specials are always a bit of a pain to clear up after…no problem. Honestly, I think making her go to Melbourne for property advocacy services was a stroke of genius on our part. We needed a character in Melbourne to act as a link for all the crossover episodes, and we needed to introduce one fast, especially after Briella died in that freak yacht fire. I LOVE buyers advocates and I’ve been trying to get a character on the show who does it for a while. It’s the most elegant of all the real estate professions, in my opinion. Our new guy Josh really stands out as a Melbourne local. That’s advocacy for you…trendy, hip, current and very Melbourne.

Maybe we can have Josh scouting out houseboats for a client, at which time he discovers Veronica in the abandoned pirate ship, dangling above the pit of lemurs and about to lose her grip.

Do Melbourne’s professional property advocates actually deal with houseboats? I’ll have to look into it, actually. I’m sure there’s someone on the forums who does it for a job…or they at least have connections.


conveyancer Caulfield

Cosmetically Assisted Aging

There comes a time in every woman’s life (and I suppose man’s life, but in a different way) where she has to accept that she’s getting older. You can be an absolute peach in your youth, and there’s certainly such thing as growing old gracefully, but you just have to let go of that hourglass figure and thick blonde locks and accept the inevitable. People get old. You’re not the first and you won’t be the last! Besides, I think I’ve aged rather well. Reggie tells me that all the time, though he always adds a cheeky wink so I’m not sure if he’s actually being serious, the sly thing.

So I’ve taught myself to be discerning with my beauty treatments. Oh, if there’s a birthday party or a big anniversary, I might get something nice done. I know all about clinics in Melbourne for eyebrow tattooing and that sort of thing. But I also have to be sensible and only get things done that will suit how I look now. I stopped colouring my grey hair years ago, so suddenly going full-blonde for a wedding is just going to look terribly odd. Eyebrow tattooing looks great at any age, though, if it’s done well!

Of course, Reggie is from a time where they didn’t really involve themselves with that sort of thing, so he thinks I’m being silly. Maybe I am, but it’s the kind of silly that isn’t hurting anyone. I feel great when I come back from the salon having had my hair curled, or I’ve gone and got myself some laser hair removal and I’m feeling lovely and smooth. Modern technology never ceases to impress. We certainly never had wonderful things like dermal fillers and laser hair removal in Melbourne when I was younger, so I’m having a ball trying them out now. But not too much, and not all at once. I’m old enough to be content with the way I look right now!