Art and utes can go together after all

I’m a theatre performer based in Melbourne and have recently become excited by the prospect of setting up a show in the back of a ute, carefully using the commonly used aluminium ute toolboxes. What a great theatre space, it’ll be intimate theatre along the lines of live art- I haven’t decided too much more and have yet to decide upon whether the audience will be up on the back of the ute with me or somewhere else in relation to it. Heck, perhaps they could be sitting on the back and I can setup the show around them on the ground, with many layers. There are such possibilities!

And I can’t forget the fact that the ute can move if it’s in working condition! It can be a moving show, going from location to location, and I’d need to consider whether I’d transport the audience between a range of relevant locations around Melbourne. There are also a few ute add-ons, such as ute canopies, that are possibilities to add my toolbox of options to use, and would give a great contrast between wide, open spaces around the ute (if that’s what I choose) and a dark, cramped and intimate space inside the canopy. This example would probably require some adaptation of the canopy itself but that shouldn’t be a major problem.

Let us not forget that there are two sections to a ute as well. There are the aluminium trays out back as well as the seated driver’s cabin, with glass between the two where there is visibility. Anyway, this is just be recording my enthusiasm for the new idea, whether it’s achievable or not. There are so many artistic opportunities available with such simple and everyday devices such as this, and as an artist it’s a matter of seeing new possibilities within the common and often mundane. This is what I do, I’m an artist.