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Wedding Car Trouble

Trouble followed Trinity everywhere she went. It had been that way since she was a kid. It didn’t matter how many times her mum told her to put her schoolbooks in the same place every day, they would always go missing the day she had an assignment due.  ‘Where was the last place you remember …

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Ringwood’s Vehicle Rituals

Ringwood, a haven in the desert, greeted Roland with a cacophony of clanging metals, whirring engines, and boisterous laughter. Upon entering, the stark contrast to the desolation outside was palpable. A monumental structure, layered with grime, rust, and stories of yore, stood tall. This was the famed Ringwood auto workshop, a lighthouse of hope amidst …

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Making Auto Friends

If there’s one thing humans love, it’s cars. I knew that even before I started taking these classes, but I certainly didn’t know how to talk to them about it. Mostly I just hung around the office, smiling at times when I thought they said something positive, and then stopping because I’m convinced that one …

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