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Garden Landscaping with my father

It’s come to my attention that I am very unfit, I really do need get in better shape. I want to help my dad with his garden landscaping but I’m more of a hinderance than anything else.  He’s been trying to get me to come home and help for a few days. We need to get as many plants as we can get into the garden before the hot weather sets in. I really do hope that all the materials arrive soon, the dedicated team of Melbourne North garden landscape designers have been amazing so far. Hopefully they’re going to be doing most of the heavy lifting. If all goes well with the mild weather we can get start planting in the morning.

Ok I messed up, I woke up much later than I had planned. Thankfully my dad had started without me along with the other garden landscapers. He has started the laying out the landscape design and is putting down the floor plan grid. My dad has even briefed the landscaping crew on what needs to be done and at what stage. I hope he’s not being too bossy, they are professionals after all. I am so excited about how the landscaping is all going, I can hardly breathe. I want to help my father break the record for the most outdoor purple flowers in one backyard. The garden team are as unflappable an outfit as I have ever seen. They will work in rain, hail or shine; nothing can stop them putting up the retaining wall. Melbourne North residents are going to proud to have our garden in their suburb. I love how the garden is taking shape, we have come together as a big group and achieving something special. I’m sure my father is pleased with my work, I may not be as strong as my other brothers but I’m the only one that has helped with this landscaping project.