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Guess I’ll Get Away by Climbing Trees

No one leaves this place. It’s like…Melbourne’s official place of dead-ends. Everyone just gets a job in the local cafe, or the clearance warehouse, or at the school. You don’t leave; you just become a part of the furniture.

Pretty sure I’d like to break that curse, once I’m finished school. Or if I can’t move out for practical reasons, I’ll at least get a job that lets me move around. Something outdoors, where I get to do something with real results that I can see. Maybe I could go into demolition? Ah, but you’d need a lot of training to make sure you’re not totally wrecking the place. Maybe I could go for being an arborist instead. Or do some pruning.

I bet Melbourne based tree pruning companies at least get to travel around the place, pruning and trimming wherever they’re called. They don’t get stuck in one little corner, going to the same places, doing the same jobs over and over. In fact, by definition, tree removal has to be doing different stuff. What, are you going to be called back to the same spot thirty years later because the tree has grown again? That’s just good business, getting repeat customers. Plus you’re golden, because you’ve definitely forgotten what that place looks like in the last thirty years.

So I guess it’s my goal to pick up an arborist job, or something in trimming, or…what else lets you do the job and leave? Construction might not be so bad. Build a building, then off you go to build another building somewhere else.

Ugh, but even the builders around here just take local projects, like they’ve been locked in by a forcefield. Only the tree trimmers can break the curse and get away from it all. For that is the power of tree removal. Ormond residents take note,  if you want to explore new suburbs become an arborist. 

So either that, or I have to learn how to blow up buildings for fun and profit, really fast.


aluminium toolbox

Garden Prep For the Wedding

Having a wedding is like directing a Broadway play. Or at least it’s what I have always imagined directing a Broadway play must feel like. At the end there is a fantastic show that everyone comes to see and claps at the end, but there is months and months of preparation that goes into it that is largely ignored by those that enjoy the final product. There is a script to be written, a stage to be set, characters to be cast and so on. When it came to my wedding I had no idea the kind of tasks I would have to deal with in the build up.

We got married in a beautiful garden in Melbourne. A few weeks prior I had to deal with getting the land ready and even this involved a multitude of jobs that I was largely unprepared for, including arranging tree removal. Ormond gardens, although a magically gorgeous destination, are a little unkempt and required quite a revamp to set the scene for our fairy-tale wedding. I’d also gotten in touch with the local council to see if they could help us out in any way.

From arranging land clearing to relaying turf, it was no easy feat. The back wall of the garden was lined with overhanging tree branches but due to instability, we had to get them removed professionally. This highlighted yet another thing for me to arrange: the tree removal. Armadale gardens were looking like a more attractive option as the task list increased.

The Ormond gardens were getting a full on makeover for the day. Aside from my landscaping duties I also had to arrange the outfits for the bridal party, the menu and book a honeymoon. Its funny how so much joy can turn into so much admin. With the landscaping completed I had a little break before moving on to the next set of wedding tasks. At least now I had a beautiful groomed canopy of trees under which I could begin to detail the set for the main act.