Dangerous Shampoo, Seriously

Sometimes, you just have to go. And when your friend calls you up and says that they have tickets for the supposedly-sold out Honey Tiger concert, you HAVE to go. They weren’t front row, but close enough that I swear Honey Tiger made eye contact with me, like…twice. Maybe even MORE than twice, squee!

So you can understand why I had to leave, despite me just having discovered that my sink is throwing up all kinds of silt and disgusting…stuff. I was totally distracted, and I accept that, housemates. I’m trying to correct my mistake by looking for a blocked sewer company. Melbourne, show me what you’ve got… quickly, before I get in more trouble.

It wasn’t even my fault in the first place! Isabelle uses all this weird shampoo, and I swear that stuff is partially acidic. I used it once when mine had run out, causing Isabelle to yell at me because apparently she measures how much is in there and can notice if a tiny dollop is missing. Anyway, it totally burned and my scalp was tingling for days. I expected my hair to start falling out, which is the exact opposite of what shampoo is supposed to do for you, isn’t it?

So yeah, if we need drain repair, point the finger at Isabelle. Her nasty shampoo has been burning away the pipes. I might have said to everyone that I’d take care of this drain gurgling thing because they all had stuff on that night…but then I had stuff on that night, so what was I going to do?

With all that acid gunk going down the drain, I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole street is at risk. Isa’s shampoo is going to rot the sewers, and probably destroy half of northern Melbourne. Sewer repair teams will down there wearing hazmat suits.

Seriously, mustard-yellow shampoo. Who regularly puts that on their head?