Hardy Plants for the Winter

I think I can see the end of winter! It’s the little bit of blue in the clouds. Yes, we probably have another month or two of chilly air and cameo sun appearances, but we’ll get through it. It might not be time for me to go out there, planting and sowing (I  just don’t have the energy any more) but maybe I should be looking into some hardier winter plants. After all, it’s not like every flower in the entire world just shrivels and dies for a whole season every year. And it’s also unlikely that places that are always cold have no flowers at all.

According to my research, hippeastrums are quite hardy. Ooh, the hippeastrum apple blossom looks ravishing. And the ambience…looks like it lives up to its name. How have I not discovered this flower type before?

Oh, here I am, kidding myself, silly old girl that I am. It’s not like I’m an avid green thumb. I might plant every year and take care of things, but I’ve always been solely focused on the easy plants. I don’t much care for the flowers that require lots of effort and care.

There’s not a great variety in my garden but what’s there is rather nice. It seems to be a collection of what I’m comfortable looking after and what looks good for when we have visitors. I think that might come from that ornamental liquid amber I bought a few years ago. It was my pride and joy, until it withered one summer, right before we had a dinner party. I had to get Reggie to rip it up just before they came, I was so mortified.

Well, it’s time to branch out, no pun intended. It’s never too late to learn something new, or in this case, plant some gorgeous ornamental Japanese maples. I might even keep this one alive! Let’s hope it’s hardy.