Local Businesses, Spreading the Word

It’s about time we got some advertising going. Sounds strange to say it, because you never see ads on trucks or whatever saying ‘Play Basketball Today!’. You don’t drive past giant billboards on the freeway that saying ‘Make friends, get fit, play football!’

Sports have all just been around forever, so they don’t NEED advertising. However, it does make starting up a new sport quite the challenge. No, not everything has been invented…there IS room for new sports. Just everyone wait; Pro Fidget Spinning is going to take everyone by storm.

I think the best places to start are businesses that we trust, and ones that interact with the local community. I crash my car a LOT. Way more than you’d think for someone who has held a license for so many years. I’m always at my local car mechanics in Bentleigh getting something done. I think it’s partially because I’m just thinking about fidget spinners so much that my car often spins out of control. Anyway, I’ve been to basically every car mechanic in my local area, and they all seem like really great folks. I mean…obviously I’m a really good repeat customer, so the point where a lot of them now refer to me by my first name, but it makes me feel like I’m part of a friendly mechanic community. I bet I could easily get a bunch of them to put some posters up, advertising our new sports league in their fine establishments. Everyone who goes to get auto electrical work done will see, and then they’ll hopefully be tempted to give it a go. Need to talk to our poster designer, make sure they’re really enticing.

Mechanic garages in the area of Bentleigh are really the only ones I can think of…I guess I just go to work, food shopping, and sometimes I need work done when I crash my car. But maybe the rest of the planning committee has some ideas.