Merry Eco-Christmas

I’m seriously hoping we don’t have a repeat of last year’s…’eco-Christmas’. This was during the period in which Sandra was clearly losing her marbles, but we were all too afraid to say anything, so we just let it sit. Don’t let it sit, kids…don’t make our mistakes.

Anyway, Sandra announced that our Christmas gift to the world was going to be an eco-Christmas in which we’d be cutting down on power usage. That meant dimming all the lights to the point where it hurt your eyes to squint across the office, and no air conditioning. At all.

I waited until Sandra was out of the office- no easy task- and phoned the Brisbane office. Of course, they still had air conditioning in Brisbane, because their office wasn’t run by a lunatic. I tried to get in touch with the head office to protest that working in an office with no air con was a violation of some sort of human right, surely. Maybe it infringed upon company policy? The Geneva Convention, perhaps?

Oh, but the head office was in Brisbane as well…and I couldn’t get through. The head boss had given everyone a week early off Christmas, including himself, which essentially left Sandrine sharing the top position with the other heads of offices.

Imagine that. Sitting there, stewing in your sauna of a workplace, and imagining a lovely office in Brisbane with quality Brisbane air conditioning, completely empty and wasted. People brought in various methods to cool themselves down- mini fans, spray bottles- but it didn’t make a huge amount of difference. No one thinks of us all the way down here, of course, with the head office enjoying the services to air conditioning that they feel they’d deserved.

Almost requested a transfer there, without my family. I’m sorry, environment, but nothing is worse than being trapped in that hot box with Sandra.