Neighbourly Neglect

I don’t love being prematurely woken up at the best of times, but there are some noises that are particularly unpleasant to start the day with. Take this morning, for instance, when my peaceful slumber was destroyed by my neighbours backing their boat out of their driveway with an unnecessary amount of clattering and clunking. At least, that’s how it seemed to me.

I’m sure the noise level wasn’t intentional (I’d hope not, given that it took place at around 5 am), but I’m sure it doesn’t help that the boat is a total rust-bucket. I know it’s mounted on wheels when it’s coming out of their driveway, but perhaps they’d take better care of it – and, importantly, engage in less clanking – if it didn’t look borderline not seaworthy.

Look, I’m no expert on marine stainless steel fabrication. Melbourne boating enthusiasts out there, be warned: I’m out here pontificating on a subject I know next to nothing about. It’s entirely possible that my neighbours’ boat is in ship-shape condition, and that the incessant clattering is actually necessary to getting a boat out of any garden variety driveway.

That disclaimer in place, let me just say that if this boat were a car in comparable condition, I’d feel mighty uncomfortable about it being on the road. And yet, it’s decked out with an ever-growing collection of shiny bells and whistles, like brand new fishing rod holders, bait boards and snapper racks, plus a custom bow rail. It’s like having a barely roadworthy car with an epic sound system mounted in it.

I’m possibly just casting aspersions because I’m grumpy about being woken up, but to me it seems respectable to keep the main part of a vehicle in order before adding cool accessories. I’m starting to form a theory that neglect of one’s boat translates directly to neglect of one’s neighbourly relations.