Smooth walking on gel

Since I’ve never really been sporty, I obviously haven’t had too much trouble with sports injuries. The most physical activity I get done in a day is walking my dogs, Digger and Andy. Admittedly, I take them for two decent walks every day, so that probably adds up. Anyway, I’ve somehow managed to strain a tendon in my foot. It wasn’t one of those things where you notice immediately, so I was walking around for days before it became a serious problem.

My theory is that time a few days ago when Digger tried to interrupt a wedding in the park. The bride was practically trying to climb a tree to get away. So that was…embarrassing, to put it lightly. But I had to break into a sprint to stop Digger from getting too close, and it might have been that. Of course, Andy stayed where he was like the obedient dog that he is. Dad knows this Cheltenham podiatrist who does work up here in Queensland, so I went to see him yesterday. Seeing a sports podiatrist wasn’t something I ever thought would actually do, but it was okay.

Basically, I’ve ended up in these very fashionable shoes for the next few weeks. They’re shoes with built-in gel orthotics, and it feels a lot like walking around on water all the time. More importantly, it feels glorious. That pain in heel is pretty much gone, and I feel like a figure skater. Now I just need to find a way to make mismatched shoes work with my outfits. Maybe I’ll just have to look a little bit bargain bin for a few weeks. The folks at the soup kitchen probably won’t care!

So that was my orthotic / podiatry experience. Once it’s all over, I’m going to get a pair of these gel shoes and just skate around for my whole life, because it feels so wonderful. Everyone should try arch supports– it’s probably good for you, in the end.