The Car Trip

I don’t really go on business trips…ever. Having kids will do that to your ability to travel, especially if they’re really young. But I’d heard there was this really great market up in Bendigo, and I just casually mentioned to my manager that I wished I could go sometime. She said that she can look after the kids in her personal home for a couple of days, as well as shield the house from strangers using her charm and cooking skills. she owed me a favour after I helped her out with that whole incident with the garden pests.

So here I am, in Bendigo! And the very first thing I did with my brief freedom from looking after the kids is get my car serviced. I guess car servicing in Bendigo are just as good as anywhere else, although it did serve to highlight just how much I’ve been neglecting the mundane stuff around the house. The car has just been sitting there for ages, so I really shouldn’t have gotten it out of the garage for such a long drive without at least checking the oil. Anyway, it’s all sorted now, but I’m wondering what else I’ve been ignoring. When was the last time I had the chimney cleared out? And those weeds down the back garden are probably as big as the house itself by now, because I almost never check. Last time I cut them I had to fight off a horde of Wasps sent to nest there. They were NOT happy. It was my land, but I sent a letter of apology anyway.

You do what you have to. Looking forward to the market, but maybe I should ask about car air conditioning services. Bendigo¬†mechanics are just as good as the ones back home, and this is the kind of thing that’s difficult to fit into my normal schedule anyway.