The Future of Offices IS Robotic!

I think we all know that the future of office design is robots. We at Android Office Solutions have calculated the average time an office worker spends on mundane tasks that- while necessary- are a drain on productivity. Our main goal at the moment is to integrate robots into office design and related spheres, so that productivity can be increased. We’re in talks with multiple companies that do office design near Sydney, and we’re planning to expand the business from there, although only after we receive the feedback from our Office of the Future collaboration.

Oh, we have some high hopes for this one! The whole project was a huge joint effort between office fitout companies, electronics manufacturers and our robotics technology, in an effort to create the office of the future. Even now, we’re still getting international visitors to see the place, especially since one company won the right to use the space for six months, in exchange for their feedback.

We have robots in there doing everything, from checking door passes to making coffee. The future truly is now. Of course, they’re all equipped with state-of-the-art AI, which makes them pleasant to converse with and gives them a unique role in the daily office interactions. I’m only slightly worried that they’ll eventually turn on their masters. Even when a physical robot is not present, we’ve made it so that AI is installed in almost every aspect of the office, creating an interactive space unlike any seen before. All of it, activated by voice! Truly, the office design innovation we need. The idea is to integrate this technology into all commercial office fitouts. Sydney will be at the forefront of the commercial fitout game. No more surly office grouches; soon, everyone will get used to everything being chatty! And that’s how a quality fitout can transform the entire culture.