The gift made of aluminium

I have to give a gift to my study partner, because apparently society has devolved to the point where we must validate every interaction with a gift. Not that I’m complaining; I get a gift too. I gave David a list of appropriate and within-budget items that he can buy for me. I have but one criterion from him; aluminium accessories. I’m not too sure what exactly this means, but I’m guessing that the gift has to be made, at least in part, from aluminium. I don’t think a roll of kitchen foil will cut it (not like Cindy’s 9th birthday) so I had better think outside the box.

I saw David driving his ute to university today, and made a startling revelation. One: he looks exactly like Henry Ford when he was a little bit younger (don’t ask me how I know that, I just do) and two: he is a big fan of aluminum trays.

I thought that maybe it just extended to his ute, and all of the aluminium toolboxes that he has in it (heaven knows why he needs all of that space for his school books). I could be wrong but it seems as though he is actually a fan of the chemical element Aluminium (Al). I will not argue with his conviction, simply state that I’ve never seen anyone defend his choice of apparel quite like a man who walks into class wearing an aluminium hat.

Anyway, I have just the thing to give him for being my lab partner. I told Cindy the idea and she loved it (“thumbs up, perfect choice!” -Cindy, 2018). I am going to get him some roof racks and bars to put up the top of his ute, which I noticed is significantly devoid of anything. He can mount flood lights on them for driving through the bush at night. I highly doubt the gift he gives me will be as thoughtful or perfect as the one I’ve come up with for him.