Why Prague brought us Designers’ Luck.

We’d been travelling in the Czech Republic for around two weeks when we realised that we needed to decide whether to move on and keep exploring, or extend our already over extended stay. I loved everything about the city. Prague had my heart, in a way I’d not thought possible about a city. It probably the most beautiful city I had ever seen, and that was saying something. 

It was here, in Prague, that we met another Australian, Raoul,  a broad shouldered guy with a warm grin, four kids with flame coloured hair, and a partner who was originally from Prague herself.  He told us about their business in Australia, where his wife now ran a company in Melbourne that specialises in commercial glazing, and how he had once gone from being completely clueless in hospitality to owning a restaurant on the foreshore of a river in Western Australia. His unassuming and open energy was absolutely delightful. We told him about how we’d suddenly found ourselves on the bright side having both been made redundant (through the same company) and deciding to travel and buy our own restaurant in South Melbourne. It was through Raoul that we were able to get an insiders opinion on our restaurant, and how we could make it look much more modern, without looking unapproachable.

Flash forward to three months later, and our plans are well underway, with Raoul’s recommendations truly making the difference we’d hoped to see in the restaurant we so very much want to thrive.  I wonder how many people have found the highest quality glass replacement team for their business while on an overseas holiday.

Now that our opening day is getting closer and closer, the beach-front restaurant has taken on a totally new look, with relatively minor adaptations. I guess it’s one of those fortuitous strokes of serendipitous luck- to find exactly what we needed while we weren’t even looking for it.