Best Playground for Bub?

It’s been a couple of weeks now since we move down here, and we’re finally starting to settle in. Even Beatrice! She seems really keen to interact with other babies – every time we pass one, her eyes are out on stalks. I want to find a good indoor playground in Melbourne; we used to take Billy to one when he was her age in Darwin, and it was a cheap way to get both me and him out of the house when it was too hot to do anything else.

Bea is not quite walking yet, but can stumble forward in an increasingly coordinated fashion. Every day she manages to stay up a bit longer before tripping over. I think it would be fun for her to interact with some unusual objects – she’s never been down a slippery dip before, and I think it’s about time (on my lap, of course). Climbing furniture is something that she’s showing a keen interest in (ha), so I’m interested to see what she makes of a space filled with colourful objects designed to be climbed on. Some of these play centres have special areas for toddlers to explore without getting knocked around by the bigger kids – that’s what I’m on the lookout for.

So, Victoria: indoor play centre recommendations for a soon-to-be toddler and a mum who’s new in town? I’m looking forward to pottering around the play area with her and showing her how it’s done. Billy, on the other hand, will probably want to tear it up on the tallest, fastest or most challenging piece of play equipment in sight – he has a particular passion for towers. (Maybe I’ve read him one too many fantasy books, but he’s obsessed with anything vaguely medieval, and apparently towers count.) Anyway, a secure indoor play area would go quite away towards keeping my peace of mind intact if I’m there with both of the little monsters.

Help this mama out!