The Dog House

Thank goodness working from home has become more mainstream. Now I can finally do more with my career than working at a call centre. Being a talking dog has been hard, but I definitely don’t envy the dogs that are not cursed with human-like intelligence. Luckily, feeding yourself as a dog comes quite cheap in …

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So Many Conveyancers

It was like something out of that old movie about the chocolate factory, or the one about the factory run by monsters. A window in the elevator showed the expanse of offices as they descended further and further. Perhaps it was more like the Grand Canyon – something that words and photographs simply couldn’t do …

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World’s a Stage

Buying a house might be weird for everyone, but in my case it’s extra weird. Why? Because I’m in the business. I do staging for houses being put on the market, which means I’ve seen every manipulative trick in the book. I can’t look at property listings or attend inspections without inwardly groaning at the …

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