The Dog House

Thank goodness working from home has become more mainstream. Now I can finally do more with my career than working at a call centre. Being a talking dog has been hard, but I definitely don’t envy the dogs that are not cursed with human-like intelligence. Luckily, feeding yourself as a dog comes quite cheap in comparison to human food, even when buying the best quality stuff. And I can get it all delivered to my door.

The only issue with my life right now is my backyard. It is just too small to get any real exercise in and I can’t go take myself for a walk as otherwise people will think I am lost or a stray. To buy my current house, I used some buyer’s advocates and a crafty firm of conveyancing lawyers close to Richmond so I could keep my existence a secret. I didn’t have a lot of money back then and so I just settled for this small-town house. But now my needs are more than just surviving – I need to look after my health and get some more sun.

I have a lot more money saved up now since most of my life has just been working, so I think now is the time to look for a home that suits my needs more. I went through my phone book, looking for a number listed under the word’s best conveyancing firm for Prahran property. After a few phone calls with the conveyancer, inspections and virtual signings, I was finally moving into my new house.

It has everything. A pool for those hot days, super tall fencing for privacy and three-quarters of an acre of plush grass. The house itself has a huge open living space for zoomies and an office space for Zooma calls. It is my perfect home and I literally couldn’t have done it without my conveyancing team, at least without people knowing I am a talking dog.

Now I can enjoy my doggy life to its fullest and relax knowing I can get everything I could ever need right here at home.