The Sewer Wrestler

FADE IN: INT. STEVEN UNWIN’S WORKSHOP – DAY STEVEN UNWIN, a larger-than-life Aussie bloke with a permanent grin, is seen meticulously preparing his gear for his next adventure. STEVEN(CAMERA LOOK)G’day mates! The name’s Steven Unwin, but you can call me Unwin, the Sewer Crocodile Wrestler. Steven pats his gear bag, dust puffing out. STEVENToday, we’re …

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Kid’s Blocking Toilets

I don’t mean for all my blog posts to just be a rant about my kids, but my goodness. Being a single father of four is just too much. They say it takes a village to raise kids, and that’s at the best of times. It takes an entire city to raise four children under …

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