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To my Dad, whose career change saved me.

I’ve grown up with intense back pain almost my whole life, so I know how debilitating it can be. As a physiotherapist, my father did everything he could to alleviate my pain and help give me full mobility. That’s why, when my Dad took on a course in Christchurch for dry needling it changed our lives drastically.

The bike accident happened when I was 12. I was clipped by a car and landed hard on the kerbside. The damage to my lower back was serious and I had to learn to live with spasming and pain. For an eight year old, I’m not sure if knowing only a little about pain was a good or a bad thing.

Anyway, one Christmas, our family were playing in the sprinklers out the front of my grandma’s house, when I slipped on the grass and my back went into a spasm. It was the  worst pain I’d had yet and this was the catalyst for my Dad  to find something that would actually help me.

We went home that night and Dad started looking for courses in New Zealand for trigger point needling.  Dad was a footy player whose career was ended by a bad tackle and he went from a career as a professional player into a career in physiotherapy.

One of his colleagues, Marie, had been having incredible success treating her patients on a non-invasive level from dry needling, and she had treated Dad with amazing results.Dad had Marie do an after hours treatment for me, and I was immediately relieved. No painkillers.

So, Dad decided to go back to study so he could treat me with dry needling in the same way. In what seemed like no time at all, Dad suddenly had a whole new world of working opportunity come to him.

So I’m in year twelve now and I’m hunkering down so exams go well. I’m planning on following Dad into a similar line of work, and I hope to get into osteopathy, applying trigger point dry needling in the same way. If i worked for me, I can only imagine who else it might work for.


office window tinting

Do it! Read my (perfectly symmetrical) lips

I’d had a few beauty appointments in the run up to my wedding, but by far the best of all has been having having my lip asymmetry addressed by a clinician who specialises in lip plumping treatments in Melbourne CBD. My town is teeming with great places to go for this kind of stuff, but it turns out that doing the research was worth the effort.I had so many questions and concerns-  I was worried about looking like I’d had them done, I was hyper aware that something could go wrong…but the actual event was so far removed from that, I can’t believe I ever felt worried.

I’ve had a dent in my lip from a scar, falling off my bike as a twelve year old- and now, twelve years later, you can still see it and that drives me crazy. I didn’t want the photos of my wedding day to be something that reminded me of the scar, so I went looking for a solution, and found a place that looked great for lip enhancing treatments. Melbourne based clinics can be expensive, and though I was prepared to pay a lot more for my treatment, I was really surprised and how affordable it was to fix something that worried me so much!

I booked an initial consultation and thinking that I’d just talk the procedure through, I bought a bunch of questions with me and made sure that the clinician I saw understood my big concerns. One of the biggest reliefs for me was finding out that injectables can be reversed if they go wrong- so I decided to take the plunge on the day.

I can’t believe how much changed in a short appointment. I’ve always been conscious of my lip, so to walk in and out of a building within an hour and have those concerns completely removed was like a dream I didn’t want to wake up from!

I’m no longer nervous about the wedding photos- in fact, I’m really looking forward to them. I can’t wait!