Eye Test Apparition

I’m not going to write any of that ‘dear’ letter stuff. You know I am addressing you, the MA Archives, and you must know that that means that I’ve experienced something supernatural. I don’t understand why we have to write a physical letter to you – an email sounds a lot easier – but I hope that you read this without the silly pleasantries. I need help.

I was referred to you by the world’s best source: the internet. The things I have experienced, and am still experiencing, are terrifying. I have nowhere to turn to but to your organisation. 

The figure, or what your organisation calls a ‘phenomenon’, first appeared to me last year whilst I was in hospital. I had had a nasty car accident that led to a lengthy treatment plan and recovery.

My vision took a while to return to me after the accident. It was hard to see at first, except for blurry shapes and colours. The doctors told me that was normal. I almost wished that I had never gotten my vision back.

After a month, I was discharged from the hospital with the promise that I would go to a regular appointment with my GP and see my Brighton optometrist. I would have agreed to anything if it meant getting back home to my daughter. Hospitals always gave me the creeps.

It was on one of the trips back home, a week after my treatment, that I noticed the figure. It was standing on my porch. At first, I assumed it was someone I knew, but as I grew closer I noticed something was… off. The figure was swaying, almost as though it was dangling in the air.

I had been on the phone trying to book an eye test near Brighton at the time. I only mention this detail because the figure was so off-putting that I dropped my phone, without even bothering to finish making my appointment. 

The sun had begun to set, casting long shadows across the cul-de-sac. The figure was standing right near the side of the porch, as though emerging from the darkness. The hair on my neck stood up. My hands gripped the steering wheel until they turned white. I couldn’t keep driving. Something told me that whatever this thing was, it was dangerous.