Freezing cold and loving it- I love summer!

The award for the best themed party I’ve ever been to, goes to my friend Gray. He turned 15 a couple of weeks ago. His party made me realise how much I want ice skating lessons. Melbourne has this place in Docklands, where Gray held his party, and it was so much fun that I’m going to start learning there soon.

So, Gray was sick for ages, missing loads of school and training because he had glandular fever. I don’t know what glandular fever really is, but he’s been sick enough to miss my birthday. It’s been really boring without him at school

Gray’s oldest brother has been looking after him, staying at home while Gray’s mum works, she’s a safety big wig or something, and she’s hardly ever home and likely to be on a plane more than anything else.

Anyway, this year, she told Gray he could have his birthday anywhere he wanted, and he chose a party at an ice-skating rink. Melbourne gets stinking hot this time of year, and it was the best thing yet to walk into this frosty palace when the road is melting under your feet outside. But that was just the beginning- the party was amazing with great food- and they made sure there were no nuts in anything because Gray has a full on nut allergy and has to carry medicine with him everywhere he goes. I found out about it when he ate a chicken satay on school camp by accident and two bites in he started yelling for help. It was the scariest thing ever.

Anyway, I was a bit worried about it in the first place because I didn’t know how to ice skate. That all changed when I realised I loved racing around on the ice… and Dad said if I really like it that much, I can get lessons over the summer, so I’m hoping Gray will be able to come with me too.