Lots of Paint

Today my brother and I have decided that we are going to paint a continent. I mean, there are only 104 days of summer vacation, so we really have to make the most of it. We just moved to Australia from the United States, and we are really committed to doing everything we can before we start at our new school. The first item on our bucket list is to paint the entire continent of Australia.

Obviously, we’re going to need a lot of paint to get this job done, especially if we want to do it in one day so that we have enough time to do everything else on our list. We’ll also need access to aircraft so that we can spread the paint over the land of Australia, but that should be fine; I know a guy. Now, you might be wondering how we’re going to pay for everything involved in this magnificent project. Let me reassure you that it’s none of your business and you are definitely asking too many questions. If you want to ask a question, how about you wonder where our platypus, Peregrine, has disappeared to.

The first step in our master plan is to acquire the necessary amount of paint, so I figure we’ll stop by the popular Cheltenham hardware store everyone around here keeps going on about. I called ahead to make sure they have enough supplies we need, and they said that it wouldn’t be a problem, since they just got a new shipment in. We even got to choose what paint colour to use, so we went with orange. Get ready, Australia! We’ll be turning you orange in no time thanks to the best store for timber supplies Cheltenham has ever known.

Of course, it’s going to require a big cleanup effort to get rid of all the paint once we’re done. We can’t just leave the entire continent orange forever! Thankfully, things seem to have a way of working out for me and my brother. So, I’m sure it will sort itself out.