Power outage solution

As the owner of a business, I’m accustomed to tackling an array of challenging situations. Whether it’s difficult staff, unhappy customers, misplaced orders, or missing stock, there’s no challenge I have not faced. It all goes hand in hand with being a business owner. It’s why many of us are very calm people. You can’t afford to be a business owner if you turn manic at the drop of a hat. You need to think of yourself as a pilot. No one else is going to fly the plane if you’re not there, and everyone needs to trust that you can fly it well.

Our most recent challenge came from being suddenly plunged into darkness. It was an afternoon and somehow our cash registers, lights, air conditioners, and fridges stopped working. Customers were left hot and at a stand still. People were leaving, and we didn’t know what to do. It took hours for the electricity to come back on. This resulted in a huge amount of money lost on wages, revenue, and spoiled inventory. I had never experienced such a devastating impact on my business, all within an immediate time frame.

This is what prompted me to find the most recommended energy solution providers near me. Sadly none could provide me a no-power-outage guarantee. That was until I considered solar panels. Solar panels meant that I could not only generate my own clean energy, but I’d also be able to store renewable energy to be used when the sun is not shining, or when there’s a power outage. I was able to operate independently from the grid. Upon learning this, I knew the right choice was commercial solar power. Melbourne has been seeing a rise in businesses making the switch to solar, it simply did not make sense for me to not make the change too.

Within weeks of researching, getting quotes, and booking the installation, we had become a solar panel operated business. I was proud of this move. It meant we were mitigating risk, saving money month to month, and were reducing our impact on the environment.