Replacing the old rugby nets

Two replacement crowns and several harsh words later, I’m thinking we need new sports netting. Which is, you know, just what I’ve been saying for about three years or so.

The nets we have right now date back to World War II, but since we’re in a picturesque town in the Dandenongs, everything MUST remain the same. The seats must be the same, the sports equipment must be the same, the rugby nets, ALL the same Think of the heritage! Think of the history! What would visitors say if they came to have scones in the tearoom and saw that there was something *new* in town. Well, we’d be the laughingstock for miles around.

The traditionalists here absolutely do my head in sometimes. You’d think our history stretched back to the ancient Roman Empire, with our sports netting a prized heirloom that contains the soul of our very town. No, it was hastily cobbled together over half a century ago, and now there are far better sports netting alternatives available. Even now, after the prestigious annual rugby game- attended by all the town’s residents under pain of shame and disdain- has seen a ball blasted through a gap in the old netting and straight into the lovely Mrs Abery’s face, people are still refusing to see the truth. Mrs Abery’s teeth are probably still lying where they fell, and still people refuse to entertain the possibility of changing the rugby nets.

Perhaps it’s time for drastic action. Maybe some local vandals- who no one will ever see as they slip into the night- will sneak in at night, set fire to the nets, maybe break a few squash rackets to make it believable and vanish. Oh, what a shame. We’ll need new nets! Well, their time had come, so sad, a bit of history lost.