Apparently this TV Thing Has Been Around for Ages

Did you know there was an entire channel devoted to architecture? I hate architecture, but if you’re into it, well, good for you. You’ve got yourself a channel! I pretty much figured there was an entire channel that was nothing but UFC and pro-wrestling, but come on. Obviously that was going to be a thing, because both of those things are awesome.

Man, we had no idea what we were missing out on, growing up with parents who hated television. Now I’m in a uni house, the other guys can’t believe I never watched cartoons on Saturday mornings, or saw the Christmas specials of, like, anything. To be honest, I never even knew where TV came from. Like, I’ve seen TV antennas in Melbourne, but…well, I didn’t have TV. No Discovery Channel to make me a curious child who puzzles about mysterious and science and junk. TV antennas everywhere, sure, fine. If someone straight up asked me, I would’ve said they were for collecting extra power in a lightning strike.

Of course, I tossed out the parents’ way of doing thing about five minutes after I moved to Melbourne and the guys were planning a Bored of the Rings movie marathon. I’d heard of it, but Mum and Dad wouldn’t let us watch it because they said it’s make us want to pursue careers as stunt-men and explosives people or whatever, instead of taking on real jobs. Let me tell ya…I can see why the movies won so many awards.

And the channels, wow. They just don’t end. One little TV antenna, about 600 things to watch from all over the world. And there are like…people whose job it is to conduct antenna repair services in Melbourne. They climb a house and fiddle around with the thing until it works. TV is a big deal, and everyone has it. So…Mum and Dad lied to us about that one.