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Improving the cool

I feel like a lot of people just forget this museum exists, even though it’s great. We had a museum critic in recently, which I didn’t even think existed but there you go. He had some very warm things to say about the museum, but there hasn’t been a great amount of interest. Maybe people …

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Don’t be Rude

You know how some people say offensive things, and it’s rude? And misogynistic things, which are also rude? Well, how about we just mash all of these things together into one amazing combination word: rude-cist? Gosh, you’re being so very rude-cist right now. Stop being so very rude-cist, Cassandra! It would save a lot of …

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Curse of the new house

In the last few stages of building our new house I became increasingly anxious about moving in. I was worried it wouldn’t feel right and things would not work or break as soon as we started using them. For two years we had watched the bricks being laid, the wiring fitted and the ducted vents …

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