Curse of the new house

In the last few stages of building our new house I became increasingly anxious about moving in. I was worried it wouldn’t feel right and things would not work or break as soon as we started using them. For two years we had watched the bricks being laid, the wiring fitted and the ducted vents installed. I had gone over every last detail to ensure it’s exactly what we want and suddenly I felt it just was all too good to be true and I was anticipating a major flood or wall collapse within our first week. Luckily I can safely say we have now lived in the new house for two months without any major disasters. We have had a problem with our air conditioning. Canberra is currently experiencing an unusually warm summer so it has been a little sweaty in the house leading to some rising domestic tensions.

We managed to get it fixed quickly but honestly I was just so glad it was a solvable problem that didn’t result in major structural damage so I felt pretty relaxed about it, much to my husband’s dismay. The company that installed our ducted air conditioning system were on hand to come and fix it. They were extremely professional and we had our cool air blasting through in no time. The air conditioning breakage put my mind at ease, I figured that was our moving in crisis and from now we are plain sailing. With our completed air conditioning repairs, Canberra was cool again! And I was cool again too. I was no longer inspecting every single crack and squeak with a fine tooth comb. I read too many tales about the curse of the new house, one woman reported that after two weeks of moving into her new home a major underground pipe exploded and caused damage worth more than the renovations they had completed. All I’ll say is I had our pipes serviced multiple times.