Okay, let’s say that some sort of magnetic technology has been invented in the near future, and things can now float with ease. We have maglev trains, so I don’t think it’s too far-fetched. Suddenly, wow, look, even the anchor winch specialists in Melbourne are doing great, because now everyone wants to fly through the …

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A Fishy New Hobby

My sister, Francine, has recently gotten into fishing. She moved out near the coast about a year back, and since then she’s steadily developed something of a passion for local seafood. Seemingly, one thing has led to another and now she’s literally knee-deep in catching her own fish. She told me yesterday over beers that …

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That First Stressful Night

Boat restaurants, believe it or not, often don’t even have motors. I made that up, but I’m trying to salvage this situation so you’ll forgive me my fanciful wishes. I thought I was being hired as a waiter for the ‘Salty Salmon’ but apparently the boss walked out five minutes before my first shift and…okay, …

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