That First Stressful Night

Boat restaurants, believe it or not, often don’t even have motors.

I made that up, but I’m trying to salvage this situation so you’ll forgive me my fanciful wishes. I thought I was being hired as a waiter for the ‘Salty Salmon’ but apparently the boss walked out five minutes before my first shift and…okay, I can’t explain the part where I got the job as boss. I think I was volunteered, but it all happened so fast. We’re supposed to be having a grand re-opening tonight- there’s a bigwig restaurant critic coming along and everything- but the cooks are lazy, the tables aren’t even set up, there’s no layout and I *think* the fish in the freezer were left on the counter for a least a few hours before someone put them in there. Oh, and I’m now sweating as I search for Melbourne places that do outboard motor repair, because ours is totally shot. The Salty Salmon offers a tour of the bay as part of its meal, or so I’ve heard, but we’re not going anywhere until we get the main motor fixed.

In hindsight this was a bad idea. I’ve never actually run a restaurant before, but I think I just said yes because I’ve always WANTED to. It’s been my dream to run a really quality restaurant, and now I have the chance to take this place and really make something of it. It’s on a boat, too! I do love the sea. But why did it have to be on such an important night? Is this a test to see if I can handle the pressure??

Alright, I’ll take it as that. I can do this…just need to whip the chefs into shape, sort the good fish from the bad, look into Melbourne’s outboard motor servicing options, find someone who can actually sail a boat, take my inhaler, make sure we have enough gas and maybe have a look over the menu so I know exactly what it is we serve. And I’ve got a whole…two hours, wow, golly. Wonderful.