I still think there’s something to my idea of making boats fly. People have wanted flying cars for ages, but that’s an objectively terrible idea, and I’ll tell you why. Has anyone wondered why the Pie-Rates of the Caribbean films have done so well? It’s not just because they depict people in the Caribbean baking delicious pies and selling them for different prices. It’s because they depict the golden age of seafaring, and it’s something people have never truly forgotten. Sailing is in our veins.

Okay, let’s say that some sort of magnetic technology has been invented in the near future, and things can now float with ease. We have maglev trains, so I don’t think it’s too far-fetched. Suddenly, wow, look, even the anchor winch specialists in Melbourne are doing great, because now everyone wants to fly through the air on boats! This is for a number of incredibly obvious reasons, which I will now lay out. For one thing, you can stand on the deck of a boat and feel the wind in your face. Can’t do that in a car. You can stand at the helm and control your ship with a giant wheel, which I firmly believe that everyone wants to do at some point in their lives. Well, we’re bringing it back. Now you can swing that wheel and feel the power of your sky boat.

Also, I just think that boats will look nicer flying through the sky than cars. People will call it the second great age of seafaring, except, it’ll be the age of skyfaring. That’s even a word already, so… super. Of course, things like outboard motors will need to change a bit. Technology will adapt, all of that stuff. If the people servicing outboard motors in Melbourne thought that recent boat craze was big, just wait until those motors are running on magnets. Or some sort of repulsion.

Maybe jet boosters? Actually, that doesn’t sound very green. Let’s go back to the magnet thing.