Downlights and the Downward Dog: Perfection!

Five years ago, before Chris and I met and he introduced me to yoga, I thought I’d had everything figured out. But I was bored and wanted more out my working life. You couldn’t have told me that within a few short years, we’d have our own studio and we’d be looking for a commercial lighting consultant. Melbourne had been amazing for us for many years in our office jobs, but now we’re the owners of our joint business, and it’s all about to take off.  

So just last week, we met up with a consultant to talk about our ideas for designer lighting. We wanted to offer something really special, and the space needed to be perfect for helping people get the most from their practise. We found an ideal space with perfect acoustics, in a fabulous area with lots of parking- there was just one thing to get perfect- the lighting.

We’d had lots of challenges come up in this time. Having both left the corporate world, I sold my business and Chris took a pretty significant pay cut to get our dream off the ground. But our hearts are focused and centered on this, Chris ( who was already a professional instructor from way back)  introduced me to yoga and before long, we were conducting weekly small classes through a local studio. The only next natural step forward was to actually make our sessions our own.

When I first started doing yoga as a beginner, my first session changed me. I was blown away by the energy in the room. The lighting was dim, but warm, the room was quiet, the whole vibe of the studio was ambient. Stepping in off the street was like being transported into another dimension. I wanted to replicate that. Talking to the lighting consultant I realised just how important it was that she understood what was important about that initial experience. And she did. I really believe my studio is a way for people to escape not from themselves, but to themselves. We can’t wait to open the doors!