Foot Care Treatments

I am the mother of two border collies in South East Melbourne. I grew up on a farm when I was young and spent most of my childhood looking after the border collies. As you can imagine, I was extremely upset about leaving my border collies behind when I moved to the city for university. I vowed that as soon as I was financially stable and able to buy a home with a backyard, I’d get myself a border collie. Well two years ago, I was finally in the position to be a fur-mum and I have never looked back. 

Being sheep dogs that don’t live on a farm, they need a lot of exercise. I run with my two dogs every morning before work and every night after work. They are such good girls and keep pace with me the entire time, even though they could run a lot faster if they wanted to. Due to all this running though, I’ve had to look after my feet more than the average person. I wear compression socks for every run that I go on because I’ve found that they really help.

I want to be able to go on as many runs as possible with my dogs over their long lives, and that means making sure my feet are in the best shape possible. My dog’s paws would be able to run forever, but I’m unfortunately not built like they are… even though they consider me the head dog of the pack. They run at my flanks as if it is their rightful position. I love them.

Recently I visited the foot specialist for foot and leg care treatments. Cheltenham has plenty of local parks for me to run at so that it’s not too hard on my feet, but I can still envision some wear-and-tear in the future. I need to look after my feet.

I’m so lucky to have my border collies. I want to give them the best, always.