Lip Fillers: We did it!

OMG. Christina and I finally had it done. We’ve wanted lip fillers since forever. Christina is scared of pain and I was almost always out of money to burn- but I’d recently received a pay-rise and with our weekend away to the city on the horizon, there was no reason to put it off any longer. We booked for lip fillers in the Melbourne CBD, nothing couldn’t have held us back!

We wanted to get the appointment in as soon as we arrived. Christina looked online and found a salon that looked super professional. We read up on reviews and booked ourselves in through the salons’ online service. By the time we touched down in Melbourne you couldn’t have calmed us down. We checked into our Carlton hotel and found out where the salon was.

Christina went first. She had a nervous but excited look on her face, and I stayed in the waiting room and read a pamphlet on lip injections that increase your lip size. Melbourne city seemed a world away, and the salon was so calm- it was a huge contrast to my excitement. There was a lot to consider- our friend Amy had a bad experience with fillers on an international trip, and that was our biggest fear factor. I wanted to be able to ask anything I wanted without feeling like I was hassling a professional with silly questions. My face, after all!

When Christina came out, what I noticed first was how happy she looked- once I got a good view at how great the result had been,  I was completely ready for my turn. The cosmetic nurse was so nice, she was like some kind of artist! I felt 100% understood and my lips are exactly what I envisioned they’d be. We ended up having the best weekend ever and our lips were the most exciting souvenir either of us have ever taken back from a holiday. Best weekend ever!