Venue Hire Woes

Mismatched table cloths, well hung exposed light bulb chandeliers, home brewed beer and ciders, this is how I’ve always pictured the big day. In terms of venue, I hadn’t really given it that much thought. I suppose I always pictured it under some kind of canvas but that’s as far as I’d ever thought. This weekend Mark is whisking me away to look at options for venue hire in Melbourne. I think he has more of a ballroom, long gowns and champagne approach so I have a feeling we are going to have to battle to meet each other in the middle. He is refusing to tell me the actual locations he is taking me to see as potential Melbourne CBD party venues, probably because he knows I will refuse to go in the first place. In exchange for my agreeing to go and look, just look, at his chosen function rooms, he has agreed to come with me to look at home brewing methods to create our own wedding blend.

I think the wedding planning will go on like this for a while, give and take, an exchange of compromises. We are going to end up with some kind of glamorous, bohemian chic hybrid wedding. It actually doesn’t sound too bad but it has made it hard to picture the end result. I never pictured myself being someone that would be arranging function room hire in Melbourne. I suppose though, there are two of us planning this party, and if we can’t come to some kind of compromise about the party venue then what does that say about our impending marriage? We do have a way of finding a balance between our two outlooks, so far it has served us well and created a pretty lovely equilibrium. Hopefully the equilibrium extends to our wedding and beyond!