Not Temperate

I think there might be something wrong with me. Not anything major – it’s just that my body temperature always seems to be out of whack with everyone else’s. For example, my wife will be going on about what a balmy night it is, while I’ll be swathed in a blanket, teeth chattering and longing to turn on the heating. Or my colleagues will come into the office and sigh with relief at the warm interior climate, while I’m sweating away in a t-shirt and shorts.

Maybe I should see a doctor. It’s getting to the point that I’m never comfortable when I’m indoors, and my family can’t keep up with my incessant need to adjust our heating and cooling systems. Melbourne weather, known for its unpredictable nature, has nothing on me and my inexplicable fluctuations.

It’s true that we are due for some ducted heating repairs. Melbourne isn’t getting any warmer (at least not before September), and our system isn’t getting any more reliable. I have to wonder if that’s why my body’s so confused – maybe our system is putting out cool air when it’s meant to be warm, and warm when it’s meant to be cool. And, er, only doing it when I’m the one using it, since one else in the house has had any complaints.

It probably is me, not our climate control system. It does feel a bit like I’m losing it, except not in my mind, just in my response to the ambient temperature. Perhaps it’s hormonal… is there such a thing as menopause for men? This is actually a serious question. Do men go through something comparable that might upset their internal thermostat?

It doesn’t seem all that far-fetched to me, and people rarely talk about menopause, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there were other transitional hormonal changes that get swept under the rug – just like that big pile of dust that popped out of the living room vent the other day.