Auto Blues

This peak hour traffic situation is really starting to get me down. You know what I’m talking about – all the podcasts in the world can’t overtake the fact that of how much time and energy is wasted in heavy traffic. I want to write it off as ‘just the way things are’, but I know it’s not – it’s a growing problem that I’m actively contributing to.

That aside, I think there might be a problem with my ride, as it doesn’t seem to be braking very convincingly lately, and it’s been a while since I took it to a car mechanic. Ringwood is definitely not the place to be having any kind of automotive issues, so I should really have it looked at this week. I’m hoping it’s something relatively clear cut, like a brake pad replacement, but I find it’s best not to hold out hope for a simple solution when it comes to car repairs. Just go with the flow.

It’s kind of a bummer that I live so far away from my parents. My dad’s a mechanic, see, and would more than likely be able sort it out from home – thereby enabling me to avoid the rigmarole of getting multiple quotes and diagnoses. I mean, I also feel it’s good that I don’t lean too heavily on that service; just quietly, I think my sister takes advantage of it a bit too much for dad’s liking.

I’m trying to remember where that place was that I went to get my roadworthy certificate. Ringwood has a few places that do it, but this one made me feel particularly at ease. Eh, I’m sure I have documentation of it somewhere. I need to start keeping track of these things more methodically.

Dad’s always on about keeping the car’s logbook on hand, and I really don’t know what’s become of it. I’m sure it must be somewhere in my filing cabinet.