Office Design Payment

Half an hour after the business owner, Nicolas, had left, Dirk sat comfortably on a deluxe office chair, resisting the urge to put his legs up on the new sandalwood desk. Given they lived underground now, nobody had seen a real sandalwood tree in years, but thankfully, Dirk’s magic allowed him to transform an already existing text or chair into another, so long as the amount of material remained the same. He could have made it gold if he wanted, but that probably would have been overkill.

Footsteps sounded behind him, and Dirk turned back toward Nicolas. The accountant boss gave an approving nod at the remodelled office. “Do you like what the designers did with this office space design. Melbourne has plenty of people lining up for their services. The soft blue paint on the walls is a nice touch.”

Dirk stood and strolled over to Nicolas, flicking his long coat for dramatic effect. “You’re good for the payment, I assume.” He extended his hand.

Nicolas dug into his jacket, pulling out a small token of pure platinum. He began passing it to Dirk with a slow movement – for a moment, Dirk almost thought he was going to make a run for it. But the job was done, and it had been done well, so he released the Elite Token.

“Many thanks,” Dirk said, turning to go. “Do tell your friends in high society about that commercial office design business based in Melbourne. I’m sure they’ll gladly welcome their business.”

As Dirk took his first steps away, Nicolas turned sharply, grabbing Dirk by the wrist. “Use it wisely, my friend. Tokens are not to be taken lightly.”

Dirk laughed, batting the man’s hand away. “You think this is my first tangle with the elite? I know exactly what I’m doing. No need to worry about me, friend.”

Nicolas gave him a concerned look, but made no further attempt to stop Dirk. With that, he strolled out of the newly fitted out office, another day’s work complete.