The Custom House

There’s nothing quite like a new house. You know the ones where you can smell the fresh paint, and where the grass has been placed so recently that you can still see the lines between the rolls? It speaks of promise, of a place where new and fun memories are about to be made. I’ve always thought this, but now it’s finally time to create my own house.

My wife and I have been saving up for years to buy a block of land in the outer suburbs and build our dream home. We’ve hired the best bathroom designers Melbourne has to offer, as well as kitchen experts, and interior decorators and architects – basically, everybody that we could possibly need to build the best house we’ve ever stepped inside. It’s not going to be a mansion, but it will be beautiful and it will be ours. A home for our new little family is all we’ve ever wanted, so it feels a bit surreal that soon we’re finally going to be getting it.

We’ve compiled a list of design ideas for custom kitchens to give to our designers. Obviously, since they’re the experts, we’ll let them take over and have the final say in everything. I’m just happy to advise. My wife and I have some different ideas about the interior colour palette, but I’m sure we’ll come to a happy agreement at some point. She wants calming blue tones in everything, whereas I really want dark wood and stained glass windows and everything. Most of all, I think it’s important to make room for all the appliances we are going to be putting in the kitchen. We are a really appliance-loving couple, and have everything from a rice cooker and fridge, to a self-mixing spoon and six different types of smoothie makers. Some may call it a waste of money, but I actually really enjoy spending time in the kitchen and love it when my appliances reflect that.