New Car For Teen?

Kids grow up so fast, don’t they? Jack is just two years off finishing her degree, and Jamie will have finished high school in mere months! Speaking of which, it’s time to start thinking about his 18th birthday present. Melissa has pointed out a small problem, though, and I’m inclined to agree. You see, when …

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Auto Blues

This peak hour traffic situation is really starting to get me down. You know what I’m talking about – all the podcasts in the world can’t overtake the fact that of how much time and energy is wasted in heavy traffic. I want to write it off as ‘just the way things are’, but I …

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Wheeling and Dealing

Seriously? A busted tyre on a 38 degree day? The gods must be playing some kind of cruel trick on me, especially since I’m wearing my good suit – the one that only works when I’m in air conditioning. So here I am on the side of the motorway, trying to arrange a mobile mechanic …

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