Driving Toward Chaos

Skidding into the driveway of the same mechanic he’d left just hours ago, Eamon barely puts the car in park before hopping out. The scents of motor oil and coolant fill the air, overlayed by the unmistakable undertone of ozone from the supernatural energies at play.

Chuckling to himself, he tosses the keys to the confused mechanic. “She needs a diesel repair,” he declares, even though the car runs smoother than it ever has. It’s not really about the car, but more about buying himself some time. He’d rather the vehicle be safe in the workshop than left on the chaotic streets of Raceview.

“The same car? Wasn’t it just here for a service?” the mechanic asks, looking perplexed.

Eamon simply winks and says, “Best to leave it with the best mechanic located near Raceview. You’ll figure something out. Make up an issue if you have to.” And with that, he starts a brisk walk, not giving the mechanic a chance to reply.

Making his way to the clock tower, Eamon’s heartbeat quickens. He can feel the pull of the Celestial Mechanism – a magnetic force that only grows stronger the closer he gets. Pushing open the ancient wooden doors, the scene that meets him is one of barely controlled chaos. Arlen stands in the centre, chants flowing from his lips as his hands move in a complex dance of gestures.

Seeing Eamon, Arlen’s rhythm momentarily falters, surprise evident on his face. “Thought you were gone for good,” he admits.

Eamon grins, “And miss all this fun? Plus, I left my car with your favourite mechanic. Figured he could handle whatever imaginary problem I came up with better than you could handle this alone.”

Arlen rolls his eyes but is clearly relieved. Together, they navigate the complex patterns and restore balance to the clock tower, ensuring Raceview’s safety.

As the energies calm, and the two friends stand amongst the aftermath, Arlen looks over, gratitude evident in his eyes. “Thank you,” he whispers sincerely.

Eamon, uncomfortable with the raw emotion of the moment, simply smirks. “Well, you owe me one now. How about a free car wash?”