Lighting, All Over

You know, back in the early days of Wizard Wars I’m talking when it was first released – throwing lightning was the cool thing to do. Lightning is surprisingly inefficient method of dealing damage, but the idiot prince character that was a popular avatar at the time squealed and clapped his hands whenever anyone did it. So heaps of players formed an entire Lightning Brigade in the royal army and featured them at every single carnival. Seriously; humble fireball makers like myself spent weeks in their shadow.

Now we’re here, and I wish I could see their faces when they’re booted through the portal and they find out that the people in this realm have tamed electricity – even the smallest child. Classic.

Residential electricians are actually on-call, which surprised me at first. I would’ve thought that all the electricians in the city would be based in one location, with the mayor sending them out based on his whims, or even their whims, because they control the electricity and that gives them immense power. But no…if you have an electrical issue, you can call a local electrical company and they send someone out. It’s quite mundane, all things considered, but you can’t argue with results or efficiency. No circles, no meditation, no nothing. I had a bit of trouble with my oven, I was needing oven repairs, and it was all sorted with just tools. I must admit, I am a bit of a fan of ceremony. It is the way, where I am from. Nothing is worth doing if the process doesn’t involve mystical luminescence and at least a bellowed incantation to the heavens.

But it is not their way. Here, providers of residential and commercial electrical services are quiet, unsung heroes, arriving on time and doing their work. Perhaps that makes them the true magicians.

It doesn’t – wizards are. But it’s a nice thought.