The Agent’s Plan

“I’d say that went pretty well,” said Jesse, as they headed into the elevator. He tugged on the collar of his sleeve and pressed the button to go up. “You’re one of us now. Welcome to the Zircon Clan.”

Redman crossed his arms and watched as the elevator doors closed. “So, what’s the deal with you? Are you the Director’s son or something? At first I had my money on you being the director himself.”

“And you just assumed the Director would be a dude?” Jesse said, flicking his medium-length fringe back. “Anyway, I’m the director’s adopted son. Do you get points for that?”

Shrugging, Redman said, “I suppose that’s close enough. So, this organisation basically wants to recreate all of New Melbourne’s suburbs in New Adelaide? And that’s why there’s a filing cabinet for each suburb with its own buyer’s agent. Sandringham, Brighton, Malvern and hundreds of others?”

“Pretty much,” said Jesse. “We figured that if you live in Brighton East and then you get the chance to move cities… Well, who are you going to go with? A buyer’s advocate from Brighton East is probably going to have an easier time selling you on the concept, even if it’s not actually the same suburb.”

“Smart.” Redman only had a basic understanding of psychology, but it made sense to him. “What’s going to happen to the one in New Melbourne, once you have everybody here?”

“Once we have everybody here,” said Jesse. “You’re one of us, like I said. But I imagine those properties will be fine – just unoccupied. Anyway, we’ve got more important things to be focussing on.”

As the elevator reached the ground floor, Redman followed Jesse out. “Right, such as how we avoid Gideon suspecting me.”

“Don’t worry,” Jesse said nonchalantly. “I told you, we’ve got a plan for that. You just can’t know what it is before it happens.”

Redman grit his teeth. “That’s exactly what I’m afraid of.”